i54 – Multiplay’s Spring LAN, Sat 4th April 2015 at the Ricoh Arena

Total Teams: 101 Camera Photos (Multiplay’s Flickr Account)
Total Players: 912 Comments i54 Discussion Forums
Money Raised for Charity: Over £2,000!
Team SizeTeam NamePiece of CheeseR1R2R3R4R5R6R7TotalTrophy
17Wizzo's Creamy Cheerleaders69974089181091
11BC - There's a snake in my boot281073877191062
15Team (drawing of a face)27953779201033
13The Andreas Lubitz Bipolar Aerobatics Team261044066191014
25Pub Quiz Team for Sale. £20,000,000 ono. Reward points not accepted2794426715995
6Glorious Quiz Team Master Race2794376818986
10Null Reference67953261019986
10#ALTA TESTBUS17106356719978
8Quiz in my pants18953761014978
9Quiz On My Face26964258109510
6Watt's My Team Name27953458169312
12Wolf Job27106357189312
10The Good, The Bad and The Buttle57863279169214
14Mind The Wine Jess659727710169116
7The Adventures of Captain fanny & Optimus Cock251062966199116
10Time of Engagement28833269169020
10Mizzos Wum251033647148921
8Much Owl Multifail Wow!64833559168921
6Random Violence67853368148921
4Tottally Oblivious26963664138921
14Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber264972969158825
9Gin'll Fix It67853265198727
5The "Lubitz In Bits" Survivors Society26853367148727
5Bus Wankers66952179208629
6Robust FTW Blaze it35672678208629
9The UK's Biggest Sausage Festival251032878158629
10Panda Cave !271033056148532
6Lost the Game65863445178433
9Jimmy Saville's Schoolboy Error6753368188334
10KG1UP (The Tree House)59643472148334
11More Tits Than Pecks26953463118334
11Jay smells bad26943244148237
10Sheriff Jane & The Ugly Kid Posse26832767178237
4We have no table251022666178237
8Studio Twats271062065178140
10Team Sensible36772955148041
10The Quizzical81063174137942
10The 808s27832464187843
3CCL & Friends6794364137744
8It Takes Tree To Tango2895307457744
10The Pixel Dog Shits943656177744
8Buffering, Pleas..641022377167647
11Walking talking Stephen Hawking5843446147548
10Fat Birds Always Win At Seesaw66633245137450
10The Oreos6772195197450
10Quiz on your face7742774167253
5James Martin56842845127154
7Nigel eSports37932354177154
6Eden Lodge37761761207056
7Walking Talking Stephen Hawkins26752263147056
3Anne Beaver's Widdecombe2485266576958
10Big Fact Hunt261032036116958
10House KonGareyn24942042176958
4Overpaid Gaming5255306496761
9Dry Fisting Yoda14542654146662
728 Inches Too Much67851564166563
54 Azn's 1 White16771094166563
8We Make Minecraft Videos6741864206563
10Susa Crew4742833156466
8Glorious Spitroast3686156166368
7Shag me Please862384146368
10Hey Hey, We're the Monkeyz!25961135146270
5PlopDoo Is Now33752065116270
10Jumbo Clan5842553116172
5Bad Llama3852641136073
48Little Climates1510677206073
7Team Dick Butt2795237155775
6The GermanWings CoPilot Union279455185775
5My Name is Jeff257188205677
12StarClan-Gaming & co6871356115677
9The Winners Of The World Famous Insomnia Pub Quiz594966175677
7Wizzo's Mum Is Not A Thief But You Should See Her Santch6532123115183
2Pair of Socks556214694884
4The clueless5651453104884
8Warwick Net26552204088
2I quizzed in mouth now I feel sick351203253989
6De Ktootzahheh6552141273890
5Internet Explorers86343123692
6Looking For Tim36353163692
3The Profanities553292495
10OMG Lanbola !!!285522297
10Logitech G42698
10Gamer Social2299
14Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber0100