i65 – Insomnia’s Summer LAN, Friday 23rd August 2019 at the NEC

Total Teams:Approx. 200
Total Players:Approx. 1,700
Round Info:
1. General Knowledge5. General Knowledge
2. TV / Movie Trivia6. Tech / Geek / Science
3. Music Knowledge7. Game Themes (Audio)
4. Picture Round
Team NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
20Are Sports Direct buying the Lib Dems?2791015101010801
11Don't you know who the pub quiz guy was?379101291010773
8WEAPONIZED AUTISM181010101099744
10not registered.266881291010735
9We'll Take The Money310610810109735
9Captain Steph and the Chum Guzzlers.11079581011707
10Quiz Team 1A1897109811707
11Fuck You Sports Direct1881089810699
6Amazon Kindling356101089106810
10Blackout Gaming110890101096611
10I'm pregnante?!?388100109106512
10"GET YER COCK OOT!"59710810646413
12Fudge Bois & grill16591281086413
10Jean Quiz Van dayum25891210576413
10Reverse harlem3108987856413
9tower of power38410688106413
9Quizon my Face 3.693971089556319
11The Leftovers187689896319
10Show us where you piss from ... mum !?27107386116221
7Anxiety loading..277969886122
10esports wales37410289116122
10not registered.336761268106122
8Stephen Hawking's School of Dance567888796122
14Lazy Gaymers2889081096026
10Steppin on the beer11059861026026
6We were banking on prince Philip being dead for this5567129666026
8Clan Bran6576108955929
10Em is the best5666109945929
10YU GI HOES347887895929
10Dave said it started at 8PM344889895832
10Gants foreskin 2: electric boogaloo348958875832
10Popping Pingers Smashing Mingers5647127695832
6Team 16335681081035832
11We <3 Wii Music1558109975832
5Dr. Faraday Phd.5578106785737
7House of Commons Lan537610510115737
3Pick Something6576105885737
11Please move our table as we can't fucking see!98788985737
10South West Slavs668685965737
8Buffering Please Wait...288906895643
10Multiplay Done It Better257884985643
10The Gilfs 2: WHip and nae nae3941009775643
12Yeetus Fetus Deletus3851009775643
9Amazon prime fires sale3731066855548
8Greenland : Not for sale396826795548
12PRETTY DARN AWESOME3357107885548
10Quizy Fiddles2378389105548
7Somebody toucha my machete667728895548
10CARRIED BY DAVE767108975454
12Kaption knows best (Argueably)267787485454
10Start of a Bad Joke354778795454
8The Jellyfish3688068105454
13Esports Direct259783485358
10Gushin' Granny677809785358
8I DON'T DO QUIZZES, DUH668808955358
7Stranger Danger6555125855358
10Wingmen of Stupidity1931039375358
9I have also seen ProJareds Cock33510310835264
6Not That Fussy2455107795264
8QUIZ ON MY FACE!!!7810107645264
9The Cunny Funts554559785264
9Top Ranked Player527787595264
10anxiety gaming304967795169
7Dead Friends Society3656107835169
10Make Greenland Great Again!558808865169
6Shitpiss the 8th3979007105169
5Theonile in corporate657808955169
1918 Naked Cowboys88968745074
10Ah Shit!567908665074
8Bug 15167766755074
10i am sefa king wee todd did364908865074
9The Salt Vault2555125765074
10Why are the chairs so shite?337767765074
10Dummy thicc Daddies654774784981
5Fantastic Breasts and where to find them566908754981
11jagg and others668108564981
8Orgy Tent3445107864981
5to infinity and no further258565844981
3Acidental Enema80985994886
10Minedcraft Bees163788554886
109 guys, 1 girl2671065114788
14Alt Gaming303888484788
6Guns don't kill people, fortnight does237687364788
10The Wingmen To Stupidity355807864788
8#RIP Rosie - Best Doggo326786734693
9Braes Booty155785564693
20Clunge City Mafia (Sandwich Club)337909454693
9I'd fuck Electro6428124644693
10Thanks For Turning Up107908754693
8+447531736414 Call Me?397902724599
1010 inch384808634599
9Backdoor Bangers3337864644102
10table 141687562444102
9cs: go (fuck yourself)3008885643105
10Da BoyzZ1555675543105
10Fuck Knows6545277643105
6Kallam's Team2667072943105
9Kindergarten Cock1089075342109
12Subscribe to mintankpr with twitch prime4371275442109
8The Cunning Linguists6656067542109
8Yvonne Feltcher6466057742109
10Bad Dragons 15477054941113
10Big boi priten patel4460891041113
4Bring Your Own Cone32451035741113
4ISIS (Welsh Devision)574097941113
7New Shirt3236657641113
9Ricardos Angels3347075841113
10Sad Degenerates3337854441113
8Tequila Mockingbird2476074641113
8Happy to be here3237657340122
10Learn to Fuck Fatty3537085540122
10not registered6390841040122
11Allah Ack-nib2466074639125
10Hentai Lords3517657139125
7It's my birthday667078539125
12Overcrowded Beans3375086539125
10Raid the main stage, They can't stop us all!1736066439125
10Triple Keels3368055439125
8Furry Cumsluts5665056538131
5Low-Fi Pub Quiz Answers to relax to6244874538131
7Purple Elephants3327366438131
10the shit shirts348285838131
10? - T0653248053737136
10Bad Dragons34450541037136
10Jeffery Epstein is my dad-3207366637136
10Quizlamic State257675537136
9Stephen Hawkings School of Dance6546066336141
10Tyron's a Snake (snake emoji)4271076036141
99 out of 10 dentists3717056235144
9Epic Gamerrrz6555054634145
8Warriors of Toast5426076234145
10Envy Online Gamers1537036433148
5Burnt toast5226367032150
9Minecraft Steve1146076732150
10The Five Liars474065632150
7Gaming rack's big cock6416045631153
8Quizlama? Stable?643086431153
4team pepegas445635431153
3The bob's047844431153
10Davids Minions057064729158
10Eman Maet6343064428160
10Hey Louis3136015325162
6Fireteam Kappa315076224163
5Fuck Ollie (the cheeky bloody cunt)6135812224163
3Panda Sucks135073524163
4BYATTY BOIS043277023166
8I wish this microphone was a big fat cock714073123166
10Team 3234063422168
1Late to the party6000006719169
10? - T049567000018170
2woodville massive250033316171
4Dr Disrespect + Others044022315172
8The Shut-ins415040014173
4E-Girls unite355000013174
10Christian minecraft server335000011175
8Furry Cumsluts 😉316000010177
11Quiz on my Face3332000010177
10? - T09332301009179
6Clitorus Aborts22200107180
69jeff bezos & elon musks national bolshuist meme warehouse200100001181
43 and 1/2 men00000000182
9Captain steph and the chum guzzlers100000000182
10Jeffery Epstein is my dad00000000182
8NFG Clan xx 6900000000182