i58 – Multiplay’s Summer LAN, Saturday 28th August 2016 at the NEC

Total Teams: 260 Camera Photos (Multiplay’s Flickr Account)
Total Players: Approx. 2,700 Comments i58 Discussion Forums
Money Raised for Charity: Waiting on final total, but a lot!
Team NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
9Clap if you need help11020918101010971
10BigClan - Keeping Up With The Cardassians3818102191010962
10The Crumbling Tower of Pisa51020922977933
10M20 Motorway Bridge Maintenance Sponsored by CS GO lotto11020918898924
10Pokeballs out for Harambe36201019998915
30I won this team on csgolotto.com31015921799897
10Its not Slander if its True38131022989897
10Star Trek: Deep Throat Nine191310209109897
7UKES/Pussy Destroyers19201013101078810
15Welcome to the Harampwnzone191610218878810
10Jill Dando's Dubstep Challenge58189169888512
20Kogs in the maw'chine391610208758512
11Thanks for Turning Up181810219748512
10BC-USS BIGCLAN66179179988416
10Catch 2218198196888416
11My drinking team has a quiz problem67178219868416
9OH, SHIT, WAT'UP!372091610948416
10Star Village Trek People7614918107108416
17( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)76208159988322
10Flying Scotsman671881591068322
10Dicks out for Harambe671781581078225
6Grimzzys Bitches18189197858225
8Many whelps left side38198149888225
21StodElla + Crew820101891078225
7Shitty Bajmanders19139188968129
5Team Butt Stallion341510208778129
7The Mining Crew361410217678129
9Too heavy to carry36159178988129
10Carbon monoxite18168177978033
8Grapefruit yo man67198139888033
10I CRIT MYSELF!57176198878033
8The best of Noxcrew chris' mates35209188838033
9I quizzed my pants68168147987938
8joss Acklands Spunky Backup37149204977938
10Nigel Telecom66188166977938
11The Cincinatti zoo centre for shooting excellence82091810957938
7Hymen Destroyers3516101610747842
9Justice for Harambe 2k1618179148867842
12BOKO HARAMBE38139224667746
10Drunk by 9? Pls...361571810867746
7Harambe AFK341610159947746
20Hashtag Lantag36168159967746
10The real Paul Chuckle "sponsored" by CS:GO lotto17168159877746
8The Real Quiz On My Face36149196777746
8TRB Waste Money37188186847746
10Turtle Heads36158206867746
94 mana, 6 Damage37169156777654
10Hey, Hey, We're Harambe68158158867654
9Pokémon Lotto57157158977654
10UIZ (the Q is still outside)361410210877654
10Wizzo's Millions55199167677654
10Lets Get F*cking C*nted38197155777559
6Orange is the New Black66188147947559
6Return of Eternal Midnight Zombies36168148967559
7Rule 3476127216597559
10Syndicate's betting syndicate8178198967559
8Team Tentacle 1751362245107559
9Cindy Cunt Lotto561551781057466
11Farage et tois351791210757466
10Null Reference Pointer38118178777466
8Pooping back and forth, forever66138216767466
10Sponsored By CSGO Lotto37147207667466
9Table 105 for Harambe35169186567466
12420 inch dong359101710757372
9The fucking stage production team76136214787372
12Tits Out For Harambe66186154967372
1169 Wives38137215657277
4Armageddon Kush66167129947277
8Hungry Catepillar35108206787277
10Irish Cox of Furey 🙂57186137957277
19Someone call the Harambelance37137157977277
12Dirty Devs631681010887183
10Min will sack us if we dont win58156156877183
10Quiz on my face74174217667183
7Quiz on my tits35137196867183
8Quiztal Maidens761971010767183
6TITS OUT FOR GANU77157176577183
10Tower of Power64159157857183
7Bethesdas Buggy Brew361010175847091
10Cheeky Nandos35138195847091
8Free Marcus65126205867091
11Looking for cosplay wife (last chance)56139205847091
9Ma Dick172010117537091
10Savage memes for albino teens66157118957091
9Set The Rules39117176587091
9SS Autism17128168667091
10Team America!671561110857091
5Team Mistake75194167577091
6The Second Cumming351781110657091
5Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Pubquiz36137186947091
5Will trade nudes for 108076157127787091
9Wizzo voted Brexit64125205887091
72 Guys 1 Controller371581547569105
9Absolutely Haram56206987569105
20ALAN FPV71791299669105
13Child soldiers of Harambe151562246669105
14I don't know what we're doing35198985769105
10KG Plus Randoms52091369769105
9Pretty darn awesome371181867469105
10Quiz all over your face191831275669105
9Sion nerfs please71561969769105
8Yorkshire Duck571381788069105
10Charlie Uniform November Tango361661298568116
6Cheating is impossible on VAC secured servers641361749668116
9No Men651791367468116
10Wet nips blblblblblblblbl641571866668116
9Where's James171371387668116
10Forgot To Hand In Our Name Sheet361382057067124
7Google Blue Waffle18187596667124
10If I stop vaping I can't feel my legs571381378467124
8Kick the bucket68159787667124
10Nips out for Harambe #FreeTheNipple81771578567124
6Quizzards Of The Coast67971858567124
10United Federation Of Harambe551661574767124
8Vislamic State (the twats in the hi vis jackets)671981066567124
10We deliberately picked an obnoxiously long team name so that if we do well you have to read it all out. #dicksout4harambe661361567767124
13Cis-Gender SCUM751971357566133
10Flying Kuponuts6516101266566133
10Jimmy Savilles Rocket League Progidies641391468466133
11KAPTION KNOWS BEST71551976766133
8Vape for Haramba616913910366133
10Zzir Quiz(zirz)642061357466133
7A Team Has No Name351271837665140
9Amy vommed at Pre's36139979365140
10Hilleard is Gay!61562166565140
9Jäger Bombers81491399365140
8Prism Gaming UK731961168665140
8Quiz'd in my pants35991486565140
8Team sweet sixteen + legal161261388665140
9The Farage Barrage751062149565140
10Toms Autism Support Group7171010108365140
6Asshole Factory651152166464149
9Krazy Kwiz Krew661281377464149
9Michael Barrymore's only pool & corpses61861458764149
8Preddy Pruuuuuuuuu771651956364149
10The Quiefs64197877564149
10FARAGE 4 EVA741881465463157
10I went to Italy and the view shocked me651341657663157
10League of Trump361561077663157
10not a harambe joke741551586563157
9Bush did Harambe who did 911361051299662161
7Mega Awesome Savage661341438662161
10Murder mystery crew8208686662161
11The D!ckheads661361556562161
9WERE HERE FOR THE BEER141861465562161
114 Tables not enough!361471227661170
10Arrow to the knee341261387561170
6Butts or Boobs?Brexit741141677661170
3Crit Faced!!!661421457661170
7CSGO LOTTO 243131581666461170
10Drinkers with Gaming Problems361181166561170
10In Russia, Harambe Shoot You361271257561170
10It's only cannibaliosm if you swallow661281753761170
10Mike Hunt and the mass debaters351371057761170
6Plastered Casters631342056461170
10Trump Shot Harambe361151467761170
7Anna's Angels551561280660181
8Golden Shun51571495560181
10Mike Hunt's41532166560181
7Quizlamic State (We're da bomb!)751891235460181
9The Sausages TV371810474060181
8VLAD'S F BOIS551371076560181
11BLEED PURPLE31941675559188
10Magikarp Used Splash51571556659188
10Quizlamic Extremeists641961135659188
9Titty's out for Harambe713101546459188
8Wet Dream Team341081286359188
10Cruise Control for Cool341071546558193
10Forgot to register751171476458193
8Lunkin Pork570910109358193
8Not table #13321361857758193
6Quiz on my keyboard641541347458193
5James stop disappointing me!51071667657199
103 B SYND16178447456200
4Riff Raff Clan6951776656200
10Squirtle My Turtle74136964756200
9Table 24465165767356200
9Buffering, please wai................t.........36167552755206
9BUGGERS BIGGUNS31421678555206
9Harambes grieving parents51451467455206
11So I found this new team51641358455206
82 sixty two51665107554210
6Harambe Life 34572247554210
6It's Smashy's fault65931537554210
323 Tables, still not enough381471232053213
10Jesus and The Deciples71761125553213
6Push Button Receive641251046653213
10The Devil's Cabbage Crew61171067653213
2Monster Musume = best anime71641245452218
4Not enough free beer651221634652218
6Paper airplane fuel can't melt plastic cup beams15168536452218
10Tech 9 Flit Clickers331561434051221
10Walking Talking Stephen Hawking751661150451221
10Harambe - lotto54156837450223
7optic pussies01361588050223
4owen smith mp is a nonce761251063450223
6Long hard and full of sea men67104965349226
10What do you put here?!6206086349226
10Alex is Stupid41521545348229
5Lord Love Rocket and his mongy mate Mat741141146448229
4Boris Your Johnson34381433346231
5Soggy Biscuits13751166445232
3World Assassin's73124927445232
8Yemen is a cuntry65149026345232
9CS:GO Lotto legal team7137545243235
8Barry, Dab!41021156442236
9I Wanna Go Home5184636042236
6Quinny's Lambs601131145342236
7Quizlamic Extremists5821148442236
7Tank Matt's Fan Club70175057442236
6Bang ya head! (#TPO) Bang ya skull4186432441241
7Cult of HarmBAE74105924340243
6DAB CCNTRAL63182353340243
10Cheeky Nandos #26134922339245
4The Spuddies74106335439245
6Dicks out for Mr Bean63122045435247
5Machinima Sucks7187000032249
7The Nun Munchers6507007531250
4Scarce is fat381645330251
9Slow Cooked Harambe6594004329252
9Ripped 😉3103900025254
114 Tables Not Enough00000000256
10I lost my house to CS GO lotto00000000256
2The Reel Uk00000000256