i68 – Insomnia’s Spring LAN, Friday 15th April 2022 at the NEC

Total Teams:129
Total Players:Approx. 1,400
Round Info:
1. General Knowledge5. General Knowledge
2. Game Clips (Video)6. Tech / Geek / Science
3. TV / Movie Trivia7. Name That Tune (Audio)
4. Picture Round
Team SizeTeam NamePiece of CheeseR1R2R3R4R5R6R7TotalTrophy
8The Mighty Sun3105935109201071
10Undress, Molest, In-vest196933910191042
7Christmas Work-Do Quiz (not a party)19673498201023
8Boris Johnson's Party Planning Committee35993587191014
10Special Effect35893388201005
5Broken Wheel3849319920996
14SULLZ#2352 Is Single6889328719987
9Moskua Submariners37683371018978
66 men 1 jar3669358716969
10Bussy Galore510672896209510
12The Billy Mays27963296179510
9Drunk on tears538535108149312
15Take my pub quiz team name out of your fucking mouth25863478169214
5The Jolly Rodgers34473598189214
10Cunty cocks anonymous24853359189017
5Keep my team name outta your fucking mouth327103087169017
20Uninvestable Prospect for SuperNova Capital66883385179017
764 + 532593275208920
12Not Fussed67683396148920
14Sixty nine minus one24733397188822
8Jared Leto Is A Nonce22763487168723
13ALEX & AMY KINGS STAG DOO 2215573196188624
9GOT WOOD ?!55473169188624
10I WANT TO PET THE DRUG DOG26683175178624
10Anal Fistula Friends!2997342698527
7Anything, Idont care.656633510108527
10Prince Andrew's Vested Interests6766348878429
11The Gangbang Boys17782476188429
12Weebs R US24963255148429
16Ahola Bitches265732105138332
7Bittong Boys64663067178332
10Gackt Squad25873456108332
10TRIVVY'S HAREEM16672774208332
12Looks like a lot of fun. Might I
suggest that at some point you raise a glass to the heroes in the east
of Europe that are currently fighting for their lives and country. In
particular the 12 defenders of Snake Island, and the soldier who
detonated mines
10Sex, Drugs + Sausage Rolls56152977208236
10The Covid Cunts655729410128236
9Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber36773068108140
12Granny & the 69ers35462776208140
9We Are Smarticus54552984188140
3#Team Vlad Daddy3663188188044
13Beef Dynamic37493153128044
5Friday Night VRC Party2263399187947
7Club Chemistry5642986207849
10Enema Watson34672856157849
13Extreme PC UK5573274187849
11Roberto's Round Table23472787177753
7Scary Badger66542667167753
9Some Nonce32782367167753
10The Goose House55392865157753
10Brod and Friends14663374127658
12Can I have more JERKY??63463246157658
7hard struck bronze26782902177658
9mARTIN lUTHER KING'S dREAM25742967107561
1515 Dumb Bitches34353067147462
1Didn't put a name - idiots...56632583157462
10Fuck Bethesda53642885127462
2Woodside Crew2395314497462
86 nobodies & 2 famous casters64752816167366
10Anal Fistula's 924542645207366
14Commonal Vibrators3447324697366
10fat miserable cunt51553454147366
10The sniffer dog stole our drugs 🙁 3553185167366
8TSAR Wars Proles Strike Back36352566177366
5Bojo's Lads Trip to Rwanda53462975117272
10YEET & Deplete5573362147272
13Ghosts of Ukraine33352844197174
4Sly Rick + The Fun Gang3547297577174
1313 reasons why !34653064107076
7Absolutely shit64752467107076
5Lets Get Quizzical65352646157076
10Sacramento live "training" squad5333077157076
109 toes pawn61553055136980
9Absolutely Shit team3732868146980
10PIER ME DADDY3236318756882
9Purple Elephants32433065156882
7I stole your scampi Wizzo 😉8762345146784
69Once again, i am asking you to stop failing and please send in your registration sheets5472075186686
8The Jerky Jerkers5356349006686
9What do you call a Russian with 3 testicles? Who'd you nick a bollock off67352455116589
10Jake Mains Cypher2365285476490
5Steven Hawkings Treadmill Experience3445267496490
5Tornado Commando Squad35352444146490
10Can I get a?!14442476106393
10Club De Sauce3262254206295
9Captain Red Beard and his Pirate Pals2362763146196
5Name Pending23432555126196
8Seasoned, Marinated + Air Dried (The VI8s)35452345106196
69This table also failed and didn't send in a sheet - FAIL456277486196
10Chiz Dipplers3843053659101
7The Pursuit of Slappiness637325241159101
5Brock's Bitches (p.s. Dobby deserved it!)32442564958103
10Team Cheese3552367958103
9Wizzo's mum is a fat slag44418481557105
8Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem!52522551256106
7Stephen Kawkins back up dancers623427241056106
3The Morbsters4722925756106
10TMG + Friends646519341055109
8National Senior ESports (NSE)63372064754110
12Quizzy Jizzy Bakery64222644854110
6Church Of The Red Engine645415341150114
6Table 35633416341350114
8Team with a shit name!54461553850114
44 jerks is all it takes!215217151248117
9Instead of Beef I Eat Veggies + Pussy55231753848117
4Greenwood's Strikers30432126342119
69This table are omnifails and didn't send in a registration slip - fucking lolz24219121141121
3Team CU Janeway10532315340122
5The Brummy Harry Potter Appreciation Society5552100036124
1Team We Jerk (register properly next time.. <3)0320121422126
1NOT REGISTERED014072620127
69I am the biggest fail and didn't hand in my registration sheet, trolololololol00202004128