i59 – Multiplay’s Winter LAN, Saturday 10th December 2016 at the NEC

Total Teams: 133 Camera Photos (Multiplay’s Flickr Account)
Total Players: Approx. 1,200 Comments i59 Discussion Forums
Money Raised for Charity: Waiting on final total, but a lot!
Team NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
11Santa and his 69 ho's191091891020941
10CUBAN PETE291061991019922
5Why isn't the Noxcrew here?28982010918913
5Poke me in the Coconuts5899189820904
6Let's get QUIZICAL258919101018875
5Quiz Lamic State2778229819875
10Buffering, please wa...2796208720867
10Ed Parker is 30 today2688198920867
20We have the fattest mouse2599198918867
7We Quized on Carly28108156920867
10Alex, Sex Pest from the North West37082299208312
9Boaty Drugs566818107188312
10I Did!57552289198312
1Quizzo's Mum657720810168312
10The Brazilian Fuel Economy Initiative27882097168312
12Women, what to they know, do they know things? Let's find out!68851978208312
10Fat Kids Aways Win at Seesan9982099188219
20A Big Purple Christmas Tree398102070178120
10Raging Pounders37781886198120
10Dirty Mike and the Boys24972076188022
9The Trump Transition Team691021910158022
68-bit dawkbouski277518910167924
9Hillary Clinton's Email Server68861979137924
10Shit Flickers (TM)38571969187924
10Ivanka Trumps other Daddies18751679187827
11Amirite Ladies37751689207728
7Front Way Back Way595812910157728
1I shaved my balls in your shower (23)366101687147728
10I thought this was Speed Dating17761789167728
10Synygy's Angels35762289147728
11Razer Dongers!!!!69871957147633
10Feed the Snake67741986187534
10NO Free Beer18681477167435
12Princess Penis and Wizzo's Warriors25761589167336
10!Name needed from table 563062298167237
9Quizlamic Extremists8572156207237
6Robbie Rotten 4 i60 Mascot63818108197237
8Christmas Can Fuck Off67571387177140
9Turn off the aircon67861468147140
3I can't hide it any longer, I'm gay (185)8651899157042
10Panda princesses of nigeria56742066157042
10Quislamie State7741878197042
4Rift Walkers7072097207042
8Mike Hunt and the Mass Detectors64652137166946
9Top Nuggets, cock nuggets25871657136946
8coat hanger abortions66562254166849
11Fuck the Cup7681098206849
10Plastered Casters66062075196849
7The Noob Bus7881668156849
3We really did not think this through 🙂26761658136849
1I LOVE TRUMP (52)2687187496754
10The Ho Ho Ho Bags3777187776754
103 James', 10 Cups27701986126656
4Sophie will you marry me?(132)67631668126656
10Tinsel Tits6671389176656
9Touch Me!81051387156656
10Hoops Dick is Best Pic3778088186462
10Legion of Tomb7741696156462
5Crowley's Angels5531866206364
5Helden Sterbeu Micht!6686206576364
10its not your fucking table number!!!!! (table 121)50402088156364
7Join the Republic Please6082056186364
10getting fed up of people forgetting to return their registration!35061656186270
10Harambe AF888184796270
10Lubitz Flying Squad66051449146172
1More Kids Than Hot Dinners66041675186172
10name forgotten again3551594206172
10wayno's wanking warriors24860107176075
10I'm cheating on you with the girl from work (114)8731565155976
10GANDALF SAX8081089155877
10quiz in my pants6561557145877
11Clungen Masters <365752013135779
8Kappa Crew™35651435145779
7the prolapsed an163442035135779
15TPO - DAB NATION5804099185779
7Yer 'da sells Avon8442070145779
8Blue Ballz26531682115684
10The Honey Nutters64371834135684
6Smindigo is AFK33561812145588
5Snooty Weasel15651532145588
10Your Butt In My Face65451456105588
6Bossman Blessed it7951560125492
12Hugh Mungus65032225115393
10Tower of Power4631807155393
10President Drunk7431533175297
7The Friary5571751125297
7Countries United in National Trade4461745115199
5slice of fried gold8232001175199
6What's your ip333513321650101
7Drinkers with gaming problems00611761949102
8Where's my Fallout Beer?6631944749102
10!Name needed from table637317401347104
7Crouching Women Hidden Cucumber62451834747104
7The Jar Jar Binks Appreciation Club66531943447104
10Suck it for a tenner? t02400022061442110
4Mountain Friends20319321241111
12I quizzed on my keyboard6250541840112
10The things I'd do to wizzo's mum, wouldn't even be Legal (146)3341640939113
10uk esports xd (the fucking orange team that forgot to register!7351461238115
10We don't give a shit6443027835116
10Dicks out for Harambe (30)2775080034117
10Wizzo's Family452834632119
11Lets Kill the DAB5401640029120
10I HATE DOTA (154)4001922027121
10Team Americah!2401911027121
10!Name needed from table 60430001825123
5NO NAME733061020126
9The Quizlamic State854000017127
5I have a wierd Stain on my Trousers808000016128
10!Name needed from table 4231013515129
10how do i register my name253003013130
10The security guard by the stage <3 T470001300013130
10its not your fucking table number!!!!! (table 38)04040008132
4Orange Meme Team03000003133