i61 – Multiplay’s Summer LAN, Friday 25th August 2017 at the NEC

Total Teams: 206 Camera Photos (Multiplay’s Flickr Account)
Total Players: Approx. 2,100 Comments i61 Discussion Forums
Money Raised for Charity: Lots, will update with exact amounts!
Round Info:
1. General Knowledge 5. General Knowledge
2. Game Clips 6. Tech / Geek / Science
3. TV / Movie Trivia 7. Name That Tune
4. Picture Round

2 teams tied for 3rd place, it was settled with a tie-break question!

Team NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
8The cult of alan210101012101020921
12Barry! You can't do that, It's my daughter!589916101019912
8Weeping Anal Ducts6910815992089+3
20Big Clan - Krankenwagen191091491019894
86 Brits, a Yank and a Racist27109149920885
10The Indipocalypse25109189817867
10We came for the beer!28109158818867
10Yer Maw2101091661014859
10Cock Wombles29991488188410
20Henners, for fucks sake, thats my daughter.29991679158311
10Quiz on my face68981389198311
1TanLan on tour189814109158113
10blackout gaming110910678208014
1Eve Lan6710614910148014
10Walking in58897108208014
10Bowl for Justace210910698187918
13Table 69 😉 *finger okay* *fire* *fire* 100 *laugh cry face*198718106127918
10Bones Put your Arse Crack Away5888111010137820
8Chode Life28971477177820
10Buffering, please wait...11091001010187723
10Donald Trump looked at the Eclipse without Sunglasses on271051486177723
10Peak Inle281091187147723
9quiz in my pants19961395177723
9NINE WIVES59871477177630
10when i say pub, you say quiz! Pub!1999976187630
6Grimzzys Bitches18681098187533
1414 Fuckwits28108986157435
10Jizz Got A Quiz38661387207435
10john allen is a cuck26871289167435
8Gamers Assemble38991166157338
7Smuggs is bae18761455197240
10*detailed hairy balls and veiny penis*3869887167142
9BOB'S BLOW UP TENTACLES39881376127142
6Cluster Shech6899668177142
10i61-T136 Gin'll Fix It?11079078207142
12Kaption Knows Best3587978207142
10Lets get wasted pew pew pew69681066207142
13Team Smash The Pasty!18101001010157142
9THE MARTYR SYSTEM28910158397142
10Cold bag of LANs with the Lads89101771097051
14phredd dead redemption9899910167051
9Quizlamic Extremists+Harmoon24107868177051
10snap finger click20781497187051
9Strong and Stable Ikea Table28791047187051
10THE VENGA BOYZ209101488127051
8Big Daddies27881046186957
11charlie gards medical team610841367146957
10Council of Ten25871277156957
10Bruce Hindsyth26961196126860
7CS:GO Lotto Loosers87101089166860
10Dance Dance Federation67881476126860
10Flaps Out2888887136860
7nerd out61098639146860
10Panda Cave9107789186860
10Pencilvester is my Dad27108676146860
9Push Button Receive Bacon26107897116860
10Quiz Jong Un8971097186860
14SNOW-HORE WINTER LAN 🙁 (RIP]269801010166860
10Fluffy Little Lan Buddies96811107166770
8I AM A PUB QUIZ TEAM24851396146770
9The Alci-Alci-Alci-holics2687586196770
10*a drawing of a cock and balls*2887128966674
10Cuban Pete's Yuge Mar-a-Largo "Working holiday"5687098196674
8the nub - gs30894108186674
11I really don't feel comfortable reading this out610851186116579
10Brokenoath + 3 Randoms <31887088176481
7Emma and the Glorious 65696975156481
10Fucking Nerds26787710126481
12WHERE IS CALUM?!3989058166481
10Ben has Little Biceps2797068176385
5Fighting Mongooses 2383988996385
10TO DRUNK TO CARE! 😉3987364196385
9Janet Brirdley8661285176288
9Princesses and the Plebs2998076146288
133728 inches of cis-gender scum who identify as Apache helicopters in heat2587667146190
1envy gamers2097855186190
12Lethal Quizzle2596785126190
10pickle rick2686117696190
10T.W.A.T (Team Without Any Talent)6788944176190
10Guide Dogs vs Sir Killalot0991488126096
7IAN WATKINS FAN CLUB2668673186096
8Insert here2386387176096
4Mr mans1991008696096
12Team Vwow187786886096
16Fuck Bethesda28961064759101
10Kim jong un's personal advisors59810871259101
99/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB67755771358104
9I think we matched on tinder26851373858104
7TABLE 40 PLZ!691060671358104
8Knights of the Kraken710101823757107
13The Child Gambling Syndicate1789848657107
10What the fuck are we doing here64955661657107
3My Boy Goosey26641357956112
8Quizteam Agoilera36813641656112
10team fams25662661956112
10Team ReeXtreem2594867856112
8The Madhouse!27758651156112
9Where's my V.I.P.?26951145756112
9"Okay Google, call Mum"26770991055119
9Need for Speed Wiki2995068955119
11Quizlamic Extremists6585958755119
10She's a trap10885741355119
6drop table users *poor attempt at sql injection*2887086954123
10Green Team!33943562054123
10The Kazoonilorns38911761054123
10Caffcord B Team50980941453127
10The league of extraordinary gamers!7688771053127
44 ft Phychic on a Rampage6758791052130
10A Magikarpet Ride26985311152130
5Richter Scale5874591452130
4sponsored by google~ad87101476052130
2Squadron Hawks38711761052130
9Team 106961265852130
10TEAM ANAL RUST6556481852130
8The Pub G's (420 No Scope)6785956652130
1#jake paul is over60880851751138
4Council of Ricks38580741151138
17Golf with friends E-Sports association1887076751138
10MODERATE RACISM6773761551138
10Sold my kidney for Qjacker food67109853651138
10it hertz when IP - team name61077601450143
10Team Not Corsair25667321550143
9Decided Not To Register888556949145
13My team is a mess like my life. We are not number one! Who? What? When? Where? Why? Please help my team are insane!57661261549145
10Traitor traitor traitor team2995076449145
10Just Here For Expensive Booze8781241848148
10Neglected Dogz23990441048148
10Shitty Rainbow37670091248148
7The Fuckles5997335948148
10Arthur Teem24633901647152
8SQUAD FAM5675-7741847152
10Traps Aren't Gay20866701247152
6Who the fuck are Yogscast?!?!6773581147152
10Dayna Sucks Danny 🙂9971441246156
10Return of the Quizlamic State2485076846156
10Flappy Bappies876844845158
5Hyper Sonic22458551245158
8Krumbis Bumbis2496045845158
5team woaw605410531545158
10Don't Put 75 In The Corner6770591044163
10Fuck, errz0659771044163
11We didnt register... 32088-2421644163
10your never know5578451044163
9Team Sensible6950571143167
14The Fedorables685664843167
10Cuck Clan3789321042169
10Dead Meme Dream Team6867401142169
9Fuck if i know474747942169
10Scratch & Sniff2576260942169
10Team 94546661142169
6The saggy folk2644846642169
10We didnt give ourselves a name...50076561342169
1Just Here For The Drink2464374741176
10Mediocrity 20051277940177
7night king kills the dragon (viserion)2587053440177
10Quizlamic Extremists (Second Branch)887755040177
5The Eggs on tour2265813940177
10Harley's Angels677055939181
7Right in front of my salad?2678740039181
2Total Eclipse of the Fart699033939181
9Harrison's Shoeless Children8560701036184
10Tower of Power0771441235185
11Big Dick Biscuit5771400033186
10richgang 4202452054732187
10unnamed 5099176032187
10Vault 84263822730189
1The Family075286028190
10Gin'll Fix It 2078060627191
10We got no name lul057135425192
9Hashtag RIP Dan Jones2255130324193
1no registration TUT077-352624193
5Phil Gaming564032424193
11hot pokers256-633619196
10Not registered Delta006750018197
5Like A Sock On A Chicken's Foot5062040016199
10UNNAMED 2860000014200
4Team is that Syndicate850000013201
1We didnt register... 204000004202
10Gin'll fix it30000003204
10Autistic Spinner200000000205